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As the child’s parent or guardian, you are responsible for all care rendered regardless of the level of your insurance coverage. Following are the most common varieties of ‘financial responsibility’. As mentioned, there are simply hundreds of different insurance plans and therefore it is the patient’s / member’s responsibility to know their own plan’s provisions in advance of each appointment.

Most plans require that you pay a copayment at the time of your visit, which is a fee paid at most visits. Copayment is collected upon checking in or out at your Care Center. Even though the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (or PPACA, also known as the ‘Health Care Reform Act’) has resulted in many plans being required to waive copays for well care, there are ‘grandfathered’ plans that require the continuation of copay collection at well visits. Also, in cases where a plan waives the copay for the well visit, it may require that we collect a copay on any other services rendered along with a well visit, such as a vision or hearing screening.

Some plans have a coinsurance provision, which means that the member shares in the total payment for services by paying a percentage of the total allowable (allowed payment or fee schedule) due to the practice. You will usually be balance-billed by us for that amount once your insurance company has processed the bill.

Many plans (and/or employers) now require that you meet a deductible amount, where the plan does not pay for any billed charges until the member pays a certain amount out-of-pocket for services within a given time period. For example, you may have an annual $2,000 deductible for your family, in which case your insurer will only start paying bills once you have paid $2,000 yourself for medical services.

Some insurers allow deductibles to be calculated in real-time, meaning that your insurer makes the remaining deductible amount available for look up online. In these cases, a portion of, or the remaining amount of that deductible (if equal or less than your visits charges), may be collected by us at the time of service.

Our Insurance Plans

Check your Care Center for any additional plans with which they might participate.

All BCD Care Centers participate with the following plans with the exception of Medicaid, Managed Medicaid plans (MM), and Tricare.  Please check with the individual Care Center for confirmation of individual plans.

(Click on the name to go to the plan’s website.)

You may learn about your health insurance coverage either from your insurer, or, if you have additional questions about billing,  from our billing manager at (201) 252-8700  or you may contact us through the “Contact Us” link at the top or bottom of each page of this website.

No Insurance

If you have no insurance please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Helpful Tips

In order for a provider to participate in an insurance plan, contracts are signed between the plan and the provider or group. These contracts legally require that we HAVE TO COLLECT your portion of the costs (that is, copay, coinsurance and deductible amounts).  

If we do not, federal and state law, as well as the insurer, can hold our practice liable for insurance fraud. If you have difficulty meeting your payment obligations, please let us know and we can make alternative payment arrangements with you.